Due Diligence

The UK government held a 6-week consultation about its proposals for due diligence legislation on forest risk commodities, which ended on 5th October 2020. This followed the publication in March 2020 of the Recommendations Report from the independent Taskforce for the UK’s Global Resource Initiative (GRI).

The NGO Forest Coalition has welcomed this consultation, which is part of the government’s response to what was one of the key recommendations from the GRI report: for mandatory due diligence on business and finance. We feel that the proposal needs further strengthening in order to deliver on the GRI recommendations, and to end the UK’s role in deforestation and associated human rights abuses.

In order to support and encourage civil society and community groups in producer countries to engage with this consultation, the NGO Forest Coalition translated the official documents into FrenchSpanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian. In addition, Fern and EIA held webinars in these languages (and English) with CSOs from producer countries. This was done voluntarily and independently of the UK government, making it clear that the translations are not official documents. We offered this to help facilitate the involvement of community and civil society groups on the frontline of deforestation and associated human rights violations.

Whilst the UK government doesn’t plan to publish responses, we are compiling responses below from Coalition members as well as those from other civil society groups who have indicated that they are happy to share their response publicly.

We will continue to work on this, and to urge the UK Government for strong and impactful legislation on this issue.


Civil Society responses to the UK government's consultation